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Lace ParasolsLace-Parasols was started on the premise that women need protection from sun, but just as important is the notion that women are ever conscious of style. During the Victorian Era, parasols were used by not only fashion conscious women, but by power elite males, as well. Parasols not only provided an effective shield from the sun, but were very much an important part of the overall dress ensemble. No fashion conscious individual would ever consider being in public without one.

What separates parasols from the ordinary umbrellas is readily apparent as you view the various styles and colors on the Lace-Parasols website—Elegance and Style. Now you too, can be sheltered from the sun’s damaging rays with the same elegance and style found in the 1800’s. Lace-Parasols brings back these parasols using only the finest materials. My parasols have been used in Civil War reenactments, professional stage presentations, weddings, as bride and bridesmaid accessories, photography props, French royal court reenactments, and just plain everyday use.

I encourage you to browse over the many styles and colors available. I am confident you will find the parasol that’s just “you.”

Peggy Ann



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